Visual Displays

The aim of the visual displays was slightly different from the traditional posters at conferences which aim to report research findings. We asked the presenters to be creative and to use their displays to challenge us, to pose questions and to stimulate discussion.

Titles and first authors/presenters of the visual displays 

  1. Breaking boundaries and encouraging the multidisciplinary approach towards promoting patient safety    Angela Pathiraja
  2. Unintended consequences: implementing information technology in secondary care   Lorraine McFarland 
  3. New nurses: who do you think you are?  Bridget Roe
  4. What is quality? A history of the concept of quality in healthcare, 1935-2012   Dane Pflueger
  5. Medicines reconciliation: a game of snakes and ladders    Hannah Simpson
  6. Improving inter-professional communication for patient safety: the case of nurses and doctors   Marta Santillo
  7. A semi-structured interview study investigating the post-operative handover: themes from interviews explored    Eleanor Robertson
  8. A behaviour change approach to implementing NPSA safety alerts: a multi-centre experience    Natalie Taylor
  9. Double-checking: does it really work?    Lucy Dwyer
  10. Governing early stage clinical innovation      Luke Cowie
  11. To clamp or not to clamp? Non clinical barriers to adopting an innovation in preterm neonatal care    Penny Rhodes
  12. Introduction of a coherent patient safety policy in a NHS Health Board: recognition and management of venous thrombo-embolism in a previously neglected patient group     Philip Jenkinson
  13. Evaluation of the Safety Improvement in Primary Care (SIPC) Collaborative Pilot in NHS Scotland: intended and unintended programme consequences    Lyn Halley
  14. Safe in our (many) hands    Beverley Slater
  15. Safety in design of input technologies of modern surgery    Eryn Whitworth
  16. The whole tooth of the matter: Patient, organization, and system level influences on the prevention and management of caries    Anna Templeton
  17. Quality improvement methodology: is it more than just a bundle?    Kirsteen Ellis
  18. Reducing errors in paediatric prescribing: how do we get it right?    Paul Connelly
  19. The potential impact of patient aggression on patient safety    Amy Irwin
  20. “Discourses of patient safety and professional practice in a Canadian acute care hospital: “work in progress    Paula Rowland

Visual Displays abstracts 2012